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Hi there, I’m Miranda! I have been obsessed with making colorful creations since I was designing ballgowns for my barbie dolls. Since then, I have spent my life trying out every type of craft I could get my hands on, and loved way too many to count. Jewelry is special because it allows me to combine them all.

Established in 2019. Shop Mranz is a one of a kind brand that is made for my fellow color lovers! My designs are bright, come in SO many color options so you can choose your favorite, and totally handmade. I fell in love with jewelry because it reminded me just how important confidence and self care can be. For most of my life until I moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t wear much jewelry. I never really understood what my style was nor did I have the confidence to own it. With clothing, it is our duty when we go out in public to cover ourselves, but putting on jewelry is all about taking an extra small step for yourself. Whether it’s a necklace with the initials of your favorite person, or a pair of statement earrings, jewelry reminds you that you’re special and worth it. Don’t believe me? Put on a swipe of mascara, some fabulous earrings and a necklace next time you’re wearing your sweatpants around and see how you feel!

Every piece in this shop has been designed and made to order in my home studio. My biggest inspirations are rainbow sun catchers, the desert, palm trees, retro futuristic aesthetics, and all the crafts from my childhood. 

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