iOS 14 Aesthetic Theme & Backgrounds

Raise your hand if you're obsessed with the new iOS14 update and making your phone totally aesthetic! Before the new update, I was playing around with taking photos of my clay slabs and combining my love of graphic design to make fun phone backgrounds, but when I saw how I could make cute widgets as well, I was way too excited!
I have loved seeing how everyone makes widgets their own. I love organization, so I decided to make widget titles for each of my pages to keep my apps super organized along with cute positive messages because we all need those every once in a while! I'm super happy with my new theme and was dying to share in case anyone else would like to use this theme too! To download, right click and hit save image.
I hope you guys like this theme! I had so much fun making it! If you decide to download these I would love to see them on your phone! I love seeing everyones unique phone screens! 
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