All About Our Packaging & Gift Wrap

One of my goals since I started my small business has been to find the most sustainable ways possible to make, package, and ship my products. In this post I want to share some of the great sustainable brands I've found and different ways I save on packaging and reduce waste!

Gift Wrapped with Love. A graphic that features and explains all about our packaging. A pink and yellow background with a trio of photos. One that our packaging fully wrapped,  one that shows the gift bag and free stickers that they come with, and one photo of the flowers that will grow if you plant our plantable wrapping paper!

Bubble Mailers: I use EcoEnclose recycled bubble mailers to ship and love them! They feel sturdy and supportive and I love that they are fully recyclable & naturally biodegradable! Link here!

Clamshell Boxes: These are amazing and so much fun to decorate and customize! They come in so many sizes and are also 100% recycled and recyclable. They are also great to reuse to for gifting! Link here!

Seeded Tissue Paper: I am obsessed with this stuff! I have always felt that gift wrapping gives products a personal touch but I find this seeded tissue paper to be a very special addition! Instead of throwing away the paper that your jewelry comes wrapped in, plant it with a thin layer of dirt and watch it grow! Some of the seed varieties are: corn poppy, coreopsis, black-eyed Susan and baby snapdragons. For more info on this tissue paper and a video of how it works click here!

I design my jewelry cards, thank you cards, and care instruction with pink card stock, my inkjet printer and cut them out with a paper trimmer. 

I make my stickers and custom tape in house as well. I use sticker paper from Online Labels. They have a ton of different types of papers to choose from. I use the pink paper to save on printer inks and still achieve a cute colorful background.  Link here!

Making printable things in house allows me to have total control of how things look, only make what I need, and change up my packaging whenever I feel like it. I am happy to share a tutorial on how I make my stickers if anyone is interested! Thanks for checking out my packaging and please let me know if you have any questions!  

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